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Summarised Description 

Our 5 Stage Interior is a comprehensive cleaning services which deploy the use of Wirbel CE35. It is a direct import from Italy; it washes and dries every type of textile and leather surfaces. In total adherence and efficiency for wet/dry and spray-ex cleaning and is IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified – this is the gold standard for interior cabin cleaning.

(This treatment is recommended 1 to 2 times a year.)

* Duration: Up to 6-7 hours (depending on car size/car condition)
* Only online purchase through this website will be entitled for additional $50 off. 

Service steps includes:

Bio-fumigation (Anti Pest)
The solution we used to flush out pests such as cockroaches is an extract from a plant enzyme; It is bio-degradable and half-lifed within 20hours. Though not tasty, it is digestible. We have served enough parents and pet owners to know that safety is the number one aspect for their kids and pets.

Sanitization (Anti-Viral)
Nothing is left unattended in our treatment, we used Hospital Grade Disinfectant which is Medically Certified by SGH. The agent is also the Official Anti-Viral Products for NATO activation. It is proven to be of 99.98% effectiveness against HFMD as per tested by TUV. We used the same solution in our own 4 pre-school centers and have prevented HFMD outbreak for the last 5 years.

Dashboard Treatment
Freshen and clean your interior dashboard and plastic trims parts.

Infused with that pleasing new car smell, the treatment also includes cleaning up and restores your dashboard making your car feel like new. Dirt, scuffs and marks can reduce the appearance of your interior dashboard and plastic trim surfaces, so you need a dedicated car care product to keep your dashboard looking like new.

You will see that our treatment finish touch is of Matt Dash Finish and what’s presented will be a protected interior and rich matt finish.

Leather Treatment
Leather is a material which needs special care. Wear and tear, scratches and dirt can cause damage to it. Over time dirt and dust particles will be infused onto the leather surface, causing the appearance to turn dull.

In our Leather Treatment, we will shampoo wash your seats, removing all the unnecessary bacteria and dirt that is stuck on the leather surface. After that, we keep leather nourished and protected with a Matt Dash Finish leather protectant to maintain its finish.

Steam Vaporizing
Steam works quickly. Steam liquefies and dislodges stubborn and greasy dirt within seconds. Applying steam uses physics to clean: dirt particles heat up and expand faster than the surface under them. This expansion breaks their bond with the surface, allowing the dirt particles to be wiped away.

In essence steam cleaners work similarly to a pressure cooker. Water is heated and pressurized so it’s boiling point rises. When the trigger gun is pulled, the superheated water flashes to steam and is shot out of the gun at high speeds. The most important benefit of vaporing is that no chemical is used in the whole process; the effect is achieved with boiling water only.

Tornado Gun Intesive Care Wash
A highly effective tool used to clean virtually any surface or any material found within or without on a car for the detailing process. Compressed air is fed through a fine tip that oscillates at a high RPM (revolutions per minute) rate contained within a coned nozzle. With its high-quality plastic bottle attachment, it can also allow water or other chemicals to be introduced into the air stream for additional cleaning capabilities. The high speed and pressure of the compressed air breaks up dirt and debris allowing for quicker, easier, and more effective cleaning.

With stains and dirt accumulating within our car interior cabin frequently and faster than our homes, this process utilises a high pressure machine which helps to break apart the stain particles and dirt particles for easier removal process.

This process also helps to remove bacteria and germs for interior hygenie and cleanliness from spreading through the car interior cabin.

Hydro Extraction
Our unique water filtration system captures typical dirt, while remaining microscopic particles are caught by our HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System. This two-stage filtration combination removes nearly 100% of dirt and contaminants from your Cabin.

Hot Water Extraction
In addition, all 5-Stage Hot Water Extraction uses only “Z WATER PH12.5 (704)” as a cleansing agent; Z Water is a purified pH12.5 ionized alkaline water made with advance Japanese technology that is chemical free and requires no rinsing after use. Z Water has no colour compounds,
no odours, non-sticky and no foam during use. Z Water is the perfect cleaning agent on areas that are sensitive to conventional cleaning chemicals.

Ozonic Treatment (Anti-Mold)
Ozone is up to 3000 times faster and more effective than chlorine at killing bacteria, molds, cysts and inactivating virus, while providing you with a purity not achievable by conventional chemicals. Unique to ozone is the fact that micro organisms do not build up immunity to being treated with ozone. Ozone is approved for direct contact with food products by the FDA as an antimicrobial agent and granted full USDA approval with no restrictions for use on organic products

Terms and conditions:
1. Any service online purchases(s) made via this website may entitled to freebies, additional discounts subjected to any promotions available (refer to service images listing).
2. Only online purchasevia this website will have an additional $50 off the original price of the service.
3. Upon successful service online purchase(s) via this website , available appointment dates will be shared to the customer for booking a slot.
4. Additional surcharge of $50 applies for MPV/SUV/Flagship Luxury vehicle category.
5. Additional surcharge of $100 applies for Large/Exotic vehicle category
6. Utilisation for any service online purchase(s) made will be valid for only 3 months from date of purchase.
7. Payment made online are non refundable.
8. Customers will be responsible to clear all items from their vehicle especially from front compartments, boot area, side compartments etc. EA Detailer will not liable for any loss of items.
9. Any balance payment are to be made over the counter on the day of appointment (applicable for vehicles under the category of MPV/SUV/Flagship Luxury/Large/Exotic).
10. EA Detailer reserves the right to charge a small fee of $50 as a service in assisting customers to clear and pack any belongings/items found within their vehicle.