Listen to what our customers say

The Brilliant Shine Detailer lives up to the hype, a little goes a long way, it's very easy to apply and then relatively easy to remove (use separate microfibre cloths for the two operations). It's very viscous for a quick detailer and the results are astonishing, a mirror-like shine and a super hydrophobic finish that beads water like a demon.

Mr Victor Tay, BMW 325 Coupe

I have tried many brands of wheel cleaners and I have given up trying cheaper alternatives. I'm on my third bottle already and I would say this is the best. Just spray..let it stay on for about 5 min and drive in to petrol station for a car wash. Rims super shiny after the wash.

Ng Jun Kiat, Toyota Vios

Just switch on aircon, full blast, lowest temp, open the canister and leave it in the back seat. Voila, after 10 mins, the job is done. Got a very strong medical smell, but goes away quite fast after u unwind windows to drive for a while. Aircon feels colder after this treatment, and the aircon air smells better. It's quite different from when you change air con filter.

Louis Ang, Honda Vezel

I am glad I got this the other day while shopping for my car's needs. I had just got home from touring in Malaysia, and there were some insect splats that got onto my car's exterior. Getting to know that this Sonax Gloss Shampoo Concentrate can clean the insect splats, along with giving the protecting coat that repels rainwater, I went ahead to try it. Insect splats and stains were easily removed within a few wipes, and also after applying a few coats on my windscreen, I noticed that rainwater were repelled effectively when driving through the rain. They roll off my windscreen almost like I applied a layer of wax/oil. Now, I can comfortably have a good view of the front without the annoying raindrops blurring my view.

Dr. Vincent Tan, Toyota Vellfire 3.5ZG